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Health Checkup Packages

Full body checkup is one of the most advanced health test facilities that everyone should be aware of. In other words, test facilities like full body checkup can help a person get any hidden disease detected. A complete body checkup has always been a perfect way to discover a cure for wellness.

There was a time when full body checkup used to be one of the biggest challenges. Currently, some reliable pathology labs like Thyrocare have already stepped in with a perfect solution of this hugely uprising issue. As per information collected and verified, a full body checkup package contains some specific tests that has already been beneficial for the common people. Recommendations of the certified doctors and expert pathologists can help you find a way to get rid of any disease in a proper manner.


Lipid Profiles

Starts at Rs. 500

Liver Function

Starts at Rs. 550

TB Test Packages

Starts at Rs. 6000

Metabolism Test

Starts at Rs. 2150

Allergy Profiles

Starts at Rs. 450

It is impossible to provide the facilities of a full body checkup without having any advanced medical technology. Thyrocare is known as the first automated IT enabled Pathology lab. This is the reason why they can easily provide such services for the most reasonable cost. If you are having even the silliest physical issue, get in touch with them to find a perfect cure.