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Price: Rs. 1000

A Vanadium test looks for Vanadium in the body of a patient and the test is performed on the collected blood sample. You can now easily get the facilities of Vanadium test at home as a Vanadium test price is very reasonable these days. Book a Vanadium test online today. Vanadium test price is Rs. 1000.

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Home Collection:
  • 1. Technician from Thyrocare will be assigned for a sample collection after appointment confirmation.
  • 2. Sample will be collected by Technician at your address at given slot.
  • 3. You will get a payment link in 2 hours. You can make the payment online or pay cash to the technician.
  • 4. Soft copy report will be sent to your email address within 24-48 hours.

What is a vanadium test?

Vanadium is a chemical element. There are certain risks associated with exposure to vanadium that also include vanadium toxicity. A vanadium test is the most effective way of monitoring vanadium levels in an individual. The main purpose of performing a vanadium test is to assess vanadium levels in all those individuals who are likely to experience exposure to vanadium.

Which people can be recommended to go for a vanadium test?

  • People who are involved in occupations where the chances of exposure to vanadium are high can be suggested to go for a vanadium test. The test can help people monitor potential vanadium toxicity or get the levels of vanadium in their body measured who are at a risk of exposure to vanadium.
  • People who belong to areas where the chances of accidental exposure to vanadium are high can be recommended to go for this test. Exposure to vanadium is possible through contaminated water, air or soil. A test can help all those people assess potential health risks caused by exposure to vanadium.

When to go for this test?

The medical experts can suggest you to go for this test when the primary signs and symptoms of vanadium toxicity start to get visible in your body like gastrointestinal symptoms, respiratory symptoms including metabolic disturbances or renal dysfunction. As mentioned before, people who are at a higher risk of exposure to vanadium can also be suggested to go for a vanadium test. Anybody can easily find a healthcare service provider online who offers the facilities of a vanadium test near me.

Test preparations

No special preparations like fasting are required before appearing for a vanadium test. However, it is necessary to mention all the names of the medications you are taking because the healthcare professionals may ask you to avoid certain medications before the test. A Vanadium test price is really budget-friendly nowadays.

Sample requirements

A certain amount of blood will be drawn from your vein by a healthcare professional. A syringe will be used to collect your blood sample. Soon after the samples are collected, it will be carried to the laboratory and soon after the test is done, the test result can be generated shortly. You can also get the benefits of a vanadium test at home.

Result interpretation

The test report will show the vanadium levels in your blood sample. You can have a consultation with a doctor for the purpose of having a better understanding of the test report.

Thyrocare Vanadium Test

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