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Electrolytes are minerals that are found in body tissues and blood in the form of dissolved salts. As electrically charged particles, electrolytes help move nutrients into and wastes out of the body's cells, maintain a healthy water balance, and help stabilize the body's acid/base (pH) level.

The electrolyte panel measures the blood levels of the main electrolytes in the body: sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl-).

A person's diet provides sodium, potassium, and chloride. The kidneys help maintain proper levels by reabsorption or by elimination into the urine. The lungs provide oxygen and regulate CO2. The CO2 is produced by the body and is in balance with bicarbonate. The overall balance of these chemicals is an indication of the functional well-being of several basic body functions. They are important in maintaining a wide range of body functions, including cardiac and skeletal muscle contraction and nerve impulse conduction.

Any disease or condition that affects the amount of fluid in the body, such as dehydration, or affects the lungs, kidneys, metabolism, or breathing has the potential to cause a fluid, electrolyte, or pH imbalance (acidosis or alkalosis). Normal pH must be maintained within a narrow range of 7.35-7.45 and electrolytes must be in balance to ensure the proper functioning of metabolic processes and the delivery of the right amount of oxygen to tissues. (For more on this, see the condition article on Acidosis and Alkalosis and also on Dehydration.)

Parameters Included:
10-12 hours Fasting Required
'On-time' Mantra:
Report on-time, Home Collection in Less than 60 Mins
Sample Type
Sample Type:
age group
Age Group:
All Age Groups
Home Collection
Home Collection:
  • 1. Technician from Thyrocare will be assigned for a sample collection after appointment confirmation.
  • 2. Sample will be collected by Technician at your address at given slot.
  • 3. You will get a payment link in 2 hours. You can make the payment online or pay cash to the technician.
  • 4. Soft copy report will be sent to your email address within 24-48 hours.

What is a Serum Electrolytes test?

This test helps to assess problems in the PH balance and the water of the body. Apart from that, diagnosing kidney diseases is another major objective of this test. Knowingly, the Serum Electrolytes test price is very reasonable.

When to get tested?

When the medical experts are suspecting that you have an imbalance of one of the electrolytes then they can suggest that you to go for this test. The Serum Electrolytes test cost is not very high.

Sample collection

A certain amount of blood is collected from the patient’s vein, on which the test is performed. Knowingly, Serum Electrolytes book online facilities are there.

Test preparations

No specific preparations are required for this test.

Result interpretation

The level of sodium and chloride may fall below normal levels in a delusion effect if your kidneys are not working in a proper manner. On the other hand, your test report may show an increment of potassium, chloride and sodium levels in case you have experienced severe fluid loss. Find Serum Electrolytes test near me to get your test done.

Thyrocare Serum Electrolytes Test

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You will get a payment link in 2 hours. You can make the payment online or pay cash to the technician.

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