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Rubella- IgM blood test is run to detect the presence of IgM antibodies against an infection called Rubella in the blood. Rubella infection is merely caused by Rubella Virus. Especially for pregnant women, Rubella virus can cause stillbirth or misscarriage. Diagnosing the presence of this virus in the blood is the prime objective of Rubella- IgM test. No specific preparations are needed for this test. You must follow all the instructions given by your doctor. The test results will show the presence of IgM in the blood. In case of any abnormal test results, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Sample Type: Blood

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What is the rubella - IgM test?

The rubella igm test helps to detect and measure the igm antibodies of rubella in your bloodstream. Usually, this test is used to diagnose rubella by measuring the antibodies in the body.

When to get tested?

Rubella can be very dangerous for pregnant women, it can cause stillbirth and even miscarriage. Therefore, this test is recommended to pregnant women at the beginning of the pregnancy. A rubella igm test price is not very high.

Sample requirements

A blood sample will be drawn from a vein in your arm by a technician.

Test preparation

No specific test preparation is needed. Do follow any specific instructions given by your doctor. A rubella igm test cost is reasonable.

Result interpretation

  • A positive result indicates you have rubella igm antibodies in your bloodstream.
  • A negative result indicates that no rubella igm antibodies have been found in your blood.

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