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What is a TB Gold Quantiferon test?

A TB gold test is performed to detect active or latent TB infection in individuals. Usually, this test is suggested to all those individuals who are experiencing the symptoms of a tuberculosis infection. These primary symptoms of TB include persistent cough, painful breathing, unexplained weight loss, chest pain, etc. This test can also be defined as a perfect alternative to the TST or Tuberculin skin test. However, it provides a more sensitive and specific analysis compared to TST.

What does the TB Gold Quantiferon test measure?

The TB Gold Quantiferon test measures the release of a particular type of substance produced by the body’s T-cells in response to the antigens of TB, which is called interferon-gamma. Through this process, it determines the presence of the virus called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in an individual’s body and makes sure whether the person has a tuberculosis infection or not.

What is a tuberculosis infection?

Tuberculosis infection is caused by the tuberculosis virus and is dangerous enough to turn fatal if not detected and treated at the right time. Tuberculosis infection affects the lungs and sometimes some other parts of the body. Tuberculosis infection must be detected and treated at the initial stage to avoid potential health complexions. It is a contagious disease and you may get the infection from another person who is suffering from it.

What are the types of tuberculosis infection?

People who are experiencing the symptoms surely have an active TB infection. Many people who breathe in TB bacteria have an immune response that is strong enough to fight it and prevent it from growing. The bacterium stays inactive in those individuals and causes a Latent TB infection. A person having a latent TB infection may not grow any symptoms of tuberculosis infection. People who have a latent TB infection can not spread this disease to others. However, people with latent infection should also not leave the disease untreated because a latent infection may turn into an active infection in the future if left untreated for a long time.

Who should go for a TB Gold test?

The TB gold test can be extremely helpful for all those who usually spend time with any TB patient or have ever spent a long time with a person with an active TB infection. Besides, people who have a travel history in TB-endemic areas or have a compromised immune system should also go for a TB Gold test. Healthcare professionals are also recommended to go for a TB Gold Quantiferon test, especially the ones handling patients with tuberculosis infection.

What is the use of a TB Gold test?

  • This test can help medical experts detect an active or latent TB infection in an individual.
  • This test can assess the risk of tuberculosis infection in individuals who are likely to get the infection like healthcare workers or people who have had recent exposure to tuberculosis.
  • This test can help doctors monitor individuals who are undergoing immunosuppressive therapy and are at a high risk of having their latent infection turned into an active infection.

Test preparations

Generally, no preparations are required before arriving for the test. However, the test timing may impact the test result, so it’s necessary to consult pathology experts or doctors to know about the best time to go for this test. For example, if an individual gets tested too soon after exposure to tuberculosis, there remains a chance of having a false negative test result. That’s why your doctor may suggest you to go for this test at least 6 to 8 weeks after your exposure.

What is the limitation of this test?

Although a TB Gold Quantiferon test may help to determine the presence of tuberculosis infection in an individual, it can not distinguish between latent or active infection. This is the main reason why this test is performed along with radiography and some other crucial diagnostic evaluations.

Result Interpretation

A positive result indicates that the individual is likely to have this infection in the body and a negative result signifies the absence of the infection. However, it is always recommended to have a consultation with a medical expert to have a better understanding of the test report.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a TB Gold Quantiferon test?

A Tb Gold Quantiferon test is the most effective way to assess the risk of TB. This test may help to detect a latent or active tuberculosis infection in an individual.

Who should go for a TB Gold Quantiferon test?

People who are at a high risk of developing tuberculosis infection or people who have been in touch with any tuberculosis-affected person should go for this test.

What does it mean if the Tb Gold Quantiferon test report is positive?

If a TB Gold Quantiferon test report is positive, then it means that you have a high possibility of having a latent TB infection. However, some other test procedures may also be performed along with this test for the purpose of differentiating between latent and active TB.

What happens if you leave tuberculosis infection untreated?

If left untreated, TB may cause severe damage to bone, joints, brain, and spinal cord. It may also lead to liver problems and kidney problems in the long run.

How does tuberculosis spread?

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease and it may get transferred to your body from another affected person through tiny droplets. Once the droplets are released from the affected person’s body, a person may get the droplets in the body by breathing into the air where the droplets exist.

Can TB be cured?

The majority of TB cases can be cured when taken care properly under the sincere guidance of medical experts and when proper medications are applied on time.

What is a latent TB infection?

Sometimes, the natural immune system in an individual’s body fights the TB infection and prevents its growth. In those particular cases, there remains no evidence of symptoms that may indicate the presence of tuberculosis infection in that person’s body. This condition is called a latent TB infection and a person with latent TB infection can not infect any other person. However, latent TB may turn into active TB if left untreated for a long span of time.

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