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Progesterone is a hormone that gets produced inside both male and female, which is essential to maintain pregnancy. This test helps to measure the amount of Progesterone hormone in blood. The prime objective of this test is to diagnose any failing pregnancy. Besides, this test is also recommended in case of progesterone replacement therapy. The doctor may suggest you to stop taking birth control pills before appearing for the test. No other preparations are required to appear for this test. The test results may vary depending upon gender, age and health condition.

Sample Type: Blood

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What is a Progesterone test?

Progesterone test is used to measure the progesterone level in your blood. This test helps to diagnose the cause of infertility, miscarriages, abnormal uterine bleeding, and to monitor the health of a pregnancy.

When to get tested?

It is recommended to go for this test

  • If you are not pregnant and having abnormal uterine bleeding
  • If you are facing problem in getting pregnant
  • If you are having any symptoms of ectopic pregnancy
  • To monitor fetal health in pregnancy

Sample required

A blood sample is required.

Test preparation

Birth control pills and progesterone supplements may affect your test result.

Result interpretation

  • Increased level of progesterone indicates excessive production of progesterone, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, adrenal cancer.
  • Decreased level of progesterone indicates miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, failure to ovaluate, amenorrhea, pre-eclampsia.

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