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Hypertension Profile - M

Hypertension Profile - M From Thyrocare

Thyrocare ISO NBBL

Price: Rs. 3300 Rs. 2000

Thyrocare HYPERTENSION PROFILE - M profile which Consists of 60 Tests and Consists of fundamental tests for screening of the health status Like Thyroid, Diabetics, Liver, Lipid, Kidney, Complete Hemogram, Cortisol, Aldosterone, Direct Renin. This package is ideal for People Aged 30 years and above.

Sample Type: Blood

10-12 hours fasting is required. Water is allowed.

List of Tests Included:

Booking Procedure:
  • 1. Fill the booking form on right side with Name, Address, Mobile no.
  • 2. Thyrocare agent will inform you about the appointment date and time via sms or email.
  • 3. Samples will be collected from your Home address. 10-12 hrs fasting is required.
  • 4. You will get a payment link before sample collection. You can also make the payment by Scan QR code at the time of collection or pay cash to the technician.
  • 5. We will email the reports within 24 hrs[For most of the pincodes] on your email address mentioned while booking.