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This test is run to determine the deficiency of growth hormone. Most of the time, children with slow growth or delayed development are recommended to go for HGH test test. Besides, adults with low bone density and muscle strength also must go for this test. Imbalance of human growth hormone may cause gigantism or pituitary disorders. This test is done based on blood samples taken from your vein. No specific preparations are needed to appear for this test. You just follow the instructions given by the healthcare authority.

Sample Type: Blood

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List of Tests Included:

What is the Human growth hormone test?

The Human growth hormone test evaluates the amount of growth hormone present in your blood. This test helps to diagnose growth hormone deficiency.

When to get tested?

When you are having signs and symptoms of growth deficiency and hypopituitarism, it is always recommended to go for a Human growth hormone test.

Sample collection

A blood sample will be collected. Human growth hormone test book online facilities are available.

Test preparation

A doctor may suggest fasting for a period of time. Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Result interpretation

  • A high GH level of GH indicates your body is producing too much growth hormone, it is likely that you have a pituitary tumor. Your doctor might suggest additional tests.
  • A low GH level indicates that you have GH deficiency.

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