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Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen (hbeag)

Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen (hbeag) From Thyrocare

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Infection in the initial stages of infection in a patient. Hepatitis B e-antigen (HBeAg) is detectable in the early phase of hepatitis B infection soon after hepatitis B surface antigen becomes detectable. Because of viral replication, serum levels of both antigens rise rapidly. More HBeAg in the blood indicates hepatitis B virus (HBV) infectivity, the number of viral Dane particles, the presence of core antigen in the nucleus of the hepatocyte, and presence of viral DNA polymerase in serum. In patients with chronic hepatitis B or in HBV carriers positive HBeAg results usually indicate the presence of active HBV replication and high infectivity and a negative HBeAg result indicates very minimal or lack of HBV replication.

Sample Type: Blood

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What is Hepatitis B envelope antigen test?

Hepatitis B envelope antigen test is used to evaluate the level of hepatitis B antigen in your blood, helps to monitor the health status of a hepatitis B infected person, and to monitor a chronically HBV infected person’s response after receiving antiviral therapy.

When to get examined?

Your doctor will suggest a Hepatitis B envelope test if you are having symptoms of hepatitis B infection.

Sample collection

A blood sample will be collected. Hepatitis B envelope antigen test book online is available.

Test preparation

No specific preparation is required. Follow your doctor’s guidance.

Result interpretation

A negative result indicates no HBeAg antigen in your blood. A positive result indicates you are infected with Hepatitis B virus. Find a Hepatitis B envelope antigen test near you to get your test done.


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