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Double Marker - First Trimester in Ahmedabad

Double Marker - First Trimester from Thyrocare


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Double Marker - First Trimester is a Prenatal screening allows for early detection of life-threatening genetic conditions and helps doctors to evaluate further plans of action.

Around 240,000 newborns die each year worldwide within the first 28 days of life due to birth defects. Birth defects can lead to lifelong disabilities. However, some birth defects can be prevented. Let us understand what Maternal Markers are! These are the group of prenatal tests recommended to pregnant women. It helps establish the risk of their unborn baby having chromosomal abnormalities, foetal neural tube defects (NTDs) and cardiac defects. 

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Sample Type:
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18-45 years
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Home Collection:
  • 1. Technician from Thyrocare will be assigned for a sample collection after appointment confirmation.
  • 2. Sample will be collected by Technician at your address at given slot.
  • 3. You will get a payment link in 2 hours. You can make the payment online or pay cash to the technician.
  • 4. Soft copy report will be sent to your email address within 24-48 hours.

A brief on Double Marker test : Importance and procedure

Double Marker test is one of the most necessary tests that are recommended by doctors during pregnancy. Generally, this test can help the professional medical experts determine the presence of any abnormalities, however, this is also considered as one of the most effective ways to screen for a healthy fetus. As per information fetched, the double marker test is generally performed during the gestation period’s first trimester.

There are certain neurological conditions like Edwards syndrome and Down’s syndrome. Both of these conditions can be detected through this specific test. This is one of the most mentionable reasons why this test is considered as one of the most necessary tests during pregnancy. There are still so many of us who are not having any prominent idea about the necessities of this test. Some of the major necessities of performing this test are mentioned below.

Why is a Double Marker test performed?

A double marker test is generally performed for,

  • For assessing if the child is at the risk of any type of mental illness or not.
  • For having an idea about any potential risk of the fetus.
  • Detecting the down’s syndrome in the body

Trisomy 18 is known as a specific type of genetic condition which can be dangerous for the baby that a mother is carrying in the womb. Knowingly, trisomy 18 hugely affects how the development and growth of the child is taking place. This is why it is necessary to try to avoid trisomy 18 before it turns serious. Apart from all these, Trisomy 18 can also be detected through this specific test. Besides, the use of this test can also be seen in detecting Trisomy 21, which can be the reason for heart disorders as well as mental disorders.

The usefulness of the double marker test is undeniable in a word and this is considered as one of the most important tests in first trimester. Firstly, it can effectively help to determine the presence of down’s syndrome in a newborn child. There is a harmful disorder named ‘rocker bottom feet’ that can be the reason for feet deformation, which can also be detected through a double marker test. As a matter of fact, detecting short sternum and distinguishing umbilical hernia in a child-carrying pregnant woman are also two of the most mentionable purposes of performing this test.

Some lesser known uses of a Double Marker test

  • A double marker test can help to detect delays in a human brain’s neurological functions.
  • A double marker test can help to detect microcephaly and micrognathia.
  • It also helps to detect whether there are chances of muscle mass loss or excess growth of skin in the infants.

These are the major advantages of a double marker test, which is still not known to a huge number of people. There are several reasons why medical experts suggest going for this test. However, it is also necessary to have sound knowledge about how to get prepared for a double marker test.

Who is suggested to go for a Double Marker test?

As per information fetched, the double marker test is usually suggested to women who are aged over 35 years. Apart from that, women who are having a family history of birth defects should also take this test as well as those women who are having type 1 diabetes mellitus.

The test generally starts with an ultrasound test. Double marker test is performed on the blood sample that is collected from the pregnant mother. Once the blood sample is collected, it does not take so much of time to generate the test result. As we all know, so many genuine and reliable health checkup centres have already appeared with modern and advanced medical technologies, so it’s not really a big deal to generate an error-free and appropriate test report.

Double marker test result interpretation

The test result should be either positive or negative. As a matter of fact, the test result depends on the age of the mother as well as the child. Once the test is performed, you will be getting the test report in the form of ratios. The ratio between 1:10 to 1:250 is considered as a positive test result. However, you may need a triple marker test after a dual marker test if the doctors decide that to be necessary for you.

As mentioned before, double marker test is not a big deal anymore as a huge number of genuine and reliable pathology labs have already stepped in with so many kinds of modern facilities. Most of these IT enabled pathology labs like Thyrocare has always tried their best to present several health test facilities as well as the dual marker test facilities for a very reasonable price and this is one of the most mentionable reasons why currently the facilities of these tests are now available all over the country.

How to prepare

No specific preparations are required to go for a double marker test. However, it is always recommended to have a brief discussion with the medical experts to know if any specific preparations are needed. Also, it is mandatory to inform the doctors if any kind of health complexions are taking place.

As per information fetched, the first marker of the double marker test is Free Beta HCG. If the Free Beta HCG levels are higher than usual, then it indicates the presence of the risks of trisomy 18, which may lead to down syndrome. On the other hand, the second marker of the dual marker test is PAPP-A. When the PAPP-A levels are lower than usual, then it may lead to down syndrome. This is always a wise decision to have a brief discussion with an experienced pathologist about all these. Get in touch with a genuine and reliable pathology lab like Thyrocare today to fetch more necessary information in this regard. To be mentioned once again, the Double Marker test price is not really too high.