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D-Dimer test is known as one kind of a fibrin degradation product that remains present in the blood. Apparently, this is a small protein fragment that uses itself soon after a blood clot is degraded. It is known for containing two D-fragments. However, there are many people who still don’t know about the importance of it.

People with blood clotting disorders are mostly required to go for this test for further medications as well as treatment. As per information fetched and verified, assessing the risks of pulmonary complications is easier with a D-dimer test and this is one of the major reasons behind the increasing demand for it. According to the certified doctors and medical experts, this test also helps to assess the severity of any disease, which has always been one of the major challenges for the medical experts.

However, the most important part is, this test is massively necessary during the concerning hours of pandemic. As we all know, the deadly disease named Covid-19 has already claimed a huge number of innocent lives all over the globe and the number of infected people are still hugely increasing day by day. Absolutely, there lies the importance of a D-dimer test for Covid. According to the medical experts, patients with excessively severe forms of Covid-19 mostly have higher D-dimer concentrations. This is exactly how the presence of Covid-19 can be determined through a D-dimer blood test. Book your D-dimer test at home today to stay out of risks. D-dimer test price is reasonable enough to go for.

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What is a D-dimer test?

D-dimer test is essentially necessary for all the people suffering from blood clotting disorders. When we start to bleed because of any injury, our body instantly plays the lead role to stop the bleeding. Once the bleeding finally stops, our body breaks the clot down but some leftover substances still keep flowing in the blood, which are known as D-dimer. The test that is performed to assess the amount of D-dimer in the blood is a D-dimer test.

What is the use of a D-dimer test?

  • It helps to assess the amount of D-dimer in the blood.
  • It helps to assess the severity of any disease
  • It also helps to assess the risks of pulmonary complications.

Why do you need a D-dimer test?

A D-dimer test will be helping you to assess the severity of any disease, which is necessary to get proper treatments on time. If you are having any hidden blood clotting disorder then it can be easily detected through a D-dimer test. This is the reason why people with any family history of blood clotting disorders are always suggested to go for a D-dimer test.

Sample collection and Test preparation

A medical expert will be collecting a little amount of blood from your vein on which the following test will be performed. No specific preparations are required for this test.

Result interpretation

A low D-dimer level means that the person is not going through any acute condition and not having any clotting disorder. High D-dimer levels means that the person had any blood clot breakdown or formation in the body. However, an elevated level of D-dimer indicates such a condition in which fibrin is formed.

Thyrocare D-Dimer Test

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