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CD3CD4CD8 Test List


  • % CD3+ / CD45 (T–CELLS)
  • % CD3+/CD4+ (T-HELPER CELLS)
  • RATIO CD4 / CD8
Parameters Included:
10-12 hours Fasting Required
'On-time' Mantra:
Report on-time, Home Collection in Less than 60 Mins
Sample Type
Sample Type:
age group
Age Group:
All Age Groups
Home Collection
Home Collection:
  • 1. Technician from Thyrocare will be assigned for a sample collection after appointment confirmation.
  • 2. Sample will be collected by Technician at your address at given slot.
  • 3. You will get a payment link in 2 hours. You can make the payment online or pay cash to the technician.
  • 4. Soft copy report will be sent to your email address within 24-48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a CD3CD4CD8 test?

A CD3CD4CD8 test checks for the presence and levels of CD-3, Cd-4, and CD-8 cells in the blood. CD cells are a type of white blood cells called T-lymphocytes or T-cells, which are important for the body’s immune system.

What is the CD3CD4CD8 used for?

Your doctor may ask you to go for this test if you are suffering from HIV, an autoimmune condition, leukaemia, and certain types of cancer. This is a qualitative test and is not used as a diagnostic test for HIV.

What do the test results mean?

High levels may indicate a strong immune system, but very high levels may indicate serious infections, including blood cancer. Low levels may indicate HIV/AIDS, bone marrow infection and other chronic infections.

Do I need to fast for a CD3CD4CD8 test?

It is essential to fast for at least 10-12 hours for accurate test results. Fasting indicates not eating or drinking anything except plain water before the test. Also, it is important to consult your doctor if you take any medicine, because certain medications may impact the test results. That is why, you should ask your doctor whether you need to fast before any test.

What should I expect during the CD3CD4CD8 test?

You can expect the following experience during a CD3CD4CD8 test:

  • First, you will need to sit calmly in a chair. After that, the healthcare professional will examine your arms to get an easily obtainable vein. This is usually performed in the inner part of your arm.
  • Once they have sited a vein, they will clean that particular area with a disinfecting liquid.
  • After that, the medical professional will insert a thin needle into the vein to collect the blood sample. At this time you may feel a pinching sensation.
  • Once they collect the required amount of blood in the test tube, they will remove the needle and put a cotton ball on the site to stop the bleeding.
  • After that, they will put a bandage on the site.

Usually, the entire blood collection process will take less than 5 minutes.

What should I expect after the blood collection procedure?

After collecting the blood sample, the healthcare provider will send the sample to the laboratory for examination.

Are there any risks associated with a CD3CD4CD8 test?

Usually, there are very little to no risks associated with this test procedure. Blood tests are common medical tests that are essential to diagnose or monitor a condition.

When can I expect to get the test results?

You will get soft copies of the test results via Email within 24-48 hours. However, if you opt for a hard copy, it will be delivered to your address by courier within 3-4 business days.

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