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CBC stands for Complete Blood Count test. This test is also hugely necessary as it helps to measure the count of red blood cells, white blood cells, haemoglobin and Hematocrit in a human body. This test is basically run for overall health screening, which is necessary to detect any disease that can affect the blood cells. Diseases like Anemia, blood cancer etc can easily be detected through this test. Besides, the amount of blood loss after menstrual bleeding including certain types of infections that affect blood cells can also be detected through Hemogram test. No specific preparations are required before a CBC test, you just need to follow the instructions given by your doctor completely. The test results may vary as count of blood cells generally remain different in every individual person. Low amount of white blood cells may cause bone marrow problems, similarly, if the amount of red blood cells are lower than normal then it may cause Anemia, Leukemia and some types of Kidney diseases.

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What is CBC Test?

CBC test helps to monitor diseases like Anemia, Leukemia, bleeding disorders etc that can cause damage to blood cells and also to monitor treatment progression. Many tests like hemoglobin and hematocrit are included in a CBC test package. A wide range of screening is the reason why many people are going for a CBC test at home. You should also go for this test as a CBC test cost is not so high.

Why get tested?

A CBC or complete blood count test is hugely important to gain information about general health status. As a matter of fact, diseases like Anemia, Bleeding disorders, cancer etc causes a huge harm to blood cells. This test is also performed to monitor such conditions. Knowingly. Hematocrit, RBC count, Hemoglobin etc are included in this test.

When to get tested?

The medical experts may suggest you to go for this test if you are having signs and symptoms of such conditions that may affect the health of your blood cells. Apart from that, the test is also performed to monitor the progress of treatments if you are already going through the treatments of any such health conditions that hampers blood cells.

What is the use of this test?

  • A wide range of screenings for diseases and conditions is possible through this test.
  • It can help to monitor the status of a disease and also the progression of the treatment after the diagnosis is over.
  • Monitor the effects of the treatments that are known for hugely affecting the blood cells such as radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Most of all, it helps to diagnose various diseases and conditions such as leukemia, bleeding disorders, Anemia etc.

Sample requirements and Test preparations

A medical expert will be fetching a little amount of blood from your veins, on which the test will be performed. Not a huge amount of time is needed for the test result to be generated. No specific preparations are needed to appear for this test.

Result interpretations

Low IPF suggests decrease of platelet production by bone marrow, similarly high IPF suggests loss of platelets in the peripheral blood. The amount of reticulocyte hemoglobin in your test report can help you determine the presence or potential of iron deficiency. Besides, a hidden presence of any unusual infection can be suspected if the WBC result comes abnormal. If the platelet count is abnormal, the experts may suggest you to go for tests that can help to monitor the presence of bleeding disorders or excessive blood clotting disorders.

Thyrocare CBC / Hemogram Test

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