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C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test in Agartala

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test from Thyrocare


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C-reactive protein test or CRP test helps to detect lower levels of the protein in the bloodstream. The level increases in case of inflammation. Determining the potentiality of inflammation is possible through this test. In case you are going through acute conditions that can cause inflammation, experts can recommend you to go for a CRP blood test. Doctors say, CRP test in Covid is very important. You can now easily avail the facility of CRP test at home because CRP test cost is not really too high.

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What is CRP test?

The CRP or C-reactive protein test is performed to determine the presence of any inflammation and also to monitor the response of the patient to a treatment in case of inflammatory disorders.

What is being tested?

CRP is merely known as a genuine indicator of inflammation. Every time there is any certain kind of condition anywhere in the body that may cause inflammation, the CRP level starts to increase. A standard CRP test appropriately measures the levels of the proteins that are seen in diseases that cause inflammation. However, a HS-CRP test is different from a CRP test. The HS-CRP test is performed to detect the lower levels of the protein.

When to get tested?

If it is suspected by the healthcare professionals that you may have certain acute conditions that may cause inflammation, then you may get recommendations to go for this test. For example, medical experts may suggest you to go for the test in case you have any critical fungal or bacterial infection that may cause inflammation or you are having any pre-existing inflammation disorder such as autoimmune disorders or arthritis. Inflammatory bowel disease is also one of such disorders that can be the reason for inflammation.

What is the use of the test?

The test is run to detect,

Any bacterial infection of lung, skin, urinary tract.
Other fungal or viral infections
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Presence of autoimmune diseases
Presence of any pre-existing inflammatory disease
Sepsis in a newborn child

Besides, this test is also performed to properly monitor a patient soon after a surgery is done because CRP levels are known for increasing after a surgery.

Test requirements and preparations

A very little amount of blood will be taken from your vein to perform this test. Not a huge amount of time is required to generate the CRP test results. Besides, no specific preparations are required to appear for this test.

Result interpretation

Increasing CRP levels indicate the presence of inflammation in the body. Besides, abnormality in the CRP levels also helps to determine the presence of any bacterial infection. Besides, if your report shows that you have high CRP levels in you, then there also remains a chance of having chronic inflammatory diseases. However, if the increment of the CRP levels stop, it means that the body is responding to the treatment.

Importance of the test in Covid-19

CRP test is more important in Covid than you can even think of. As a matter of fact, CRP levels are correlated with the severity of Covid-19 symptoms. Rapid rise in the CRP level indicates the presence of Covid-19 and there lies the importance of a CRP test. Besides, inflammation is caused in the respiratory system because of Covid-19 in many cases. In such cases, CRP levels play the role of a genuine marker. This is the reason why CRP blood test is very important in Covid-19.

Thyrocare C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Test

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