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Blood element analysis is also hugely important. There are so many important elements in blood, including the blood cells that must be examined at least once a month. Imbalancement of white blood cells or red blood cells may cause many serious physical complexions. This test is run after collecting the blood samples from the patient. This test is always recommended for the people of every age. No specific preparations are required for Blood element analysis profile test. You need to inform your doctor before appearing for the test if you are already on medications. The test results may vary depending upon age, gender or health conditions.

Sample Type: Blood

10-12 hours fasting is required. Water is allowed.

Reporting TAT: We will email the reports within 24 hrs [For most of the pincodes] on your email address.

Blood element analysis test is used to check any recent or occurring exposure to specific toxic elements like lead, mercury and other. Although this test does not give you the exact amount of elements retained in the blood.

When to get this test?

A doctor can recommend getting a blood element analysis test during health check-ups. Besides, if you are having

  • gastric complications
  • issues with renal and endocrine functions
  • Diarrhea
  • muscle pain
  • Fatigue
  • Migraine
  • loss of hair
  • vision related problems

And in some cases liver failure, then you might need to get this test done.

Sample collection

A blood sample will be taken through the venipuncture process. You can book Blood element tests online.

Test preparation

You have to stop eating seafood, a few days before getting the test.

Result interpretation

The result will show you the increasing and decreasing of the heavy metals in blood. You need to steer clear of any exposure of that element. In any case the reports are normal but you are experiencing symptoms, the doctor suggests further tests. Find a Blood element analysis test near you to get your tests done.


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