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Determining the presence of a Bismuth toxicity is the prime purpose of performing a Bismuth test. The test can determine if there are elevated levels of Bismuth in the blood. The Bismuth test price is very reasonable these days and you can easily book a Bismuth test online. Avail the benefits of the Bismuth test at home today. Bismuth test price is Rs.1000.

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Home Collection:
  • 1. Technician from Thyrocare will be assigned for a sample collection after appointment confirmation.
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What is a bismuth test?

Bismuth is a chemical element. Exposure to bismuth may be the reason for Bismuth poisoning, which can be dangerous. An exposure to bismuth may occur for various reasons including occupational exposure as well as accidental consumption of any substance that contains bismuth. Measuring the concentration of Bismuth in an individual’s blood is the prime purpose of performing a bismuth test. The bismuth blood test is the only way to assess the levels of bismuth in the blood. You can easily find the facilities of a bismuth test near me these days.

What is bismuth?

Bismuth is a hard and brittle crystalline. It is known as the most metallic element in the nitrogen group. The wide use of bismuth can be seen in bismuth alloys, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Bismuth is used in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori that is known for being the causative agent of many diseases such as peptic ulcer, gastritis or gastric cancer.

When to go for this test?

When the medical experts suspect the presence of bismuth poisoning, then they can suggest you to go for this test. Besides, people who are associated with occupations that involve the possibility of exposure to bismuth can also be suggested to go for this test. Also, you should have a consultation with the healthcare professionals to know if there are any other necessary guidelines that should be followed.

Test preparations

Although no specific preparations are necessary before appearing for this test, the medical experts may suggest to avoid taking any medications that may impact the test result. You must mention the names of all the medications you are taking when you appear for the test. The Bismuth test price is reasonable in most of the regions of the country.

Sample requirements

A specific amount of blood will be collected from your vein and the test will be performed on that collected blood sample. Once the sample is sent to the laboratory, it does not take much long to generate the test report. It’s not a big deal nowadays to get the facilities of a bismuth test at home.

Result interpretation

If the levels of bismuth concentration exceeds the normal range, then it may indicate a potential presence of bismuth toxicity. However, it is always a wiser decision to have a consultation with a medical expert about the test result for a better understanding. If the test report shows that the levels of bismuth concentration is lower than the normal range, then bismuth toxicity is less likely to be present. The normal range of bismuth concentration in the blood is less than 0.5 mcg/L.

Thyrocare Bismuth Test

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