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Measuring beryllium sensitization as well as identifying chronic beryllium disease is the prime purpose of performing a Beryllium test. Book a Beryllium test online today and get the facilities for the Beryllium test at home. The Beryllium test price is really very reasonable these days. Beryllium test price is Rs. 1030.

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What is a beryllium test?

Beryllium is a specific kind of non magnetic and light metal. The diverse use of this metal can be seen in manufacturing several kinds of items like computers, cars and certain electrical equipment. However, exposure to beryllium can be extremely harmful and it can be the reason for beryllium disease. The beryllium Lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT) or the Beryllium test is the most effective way of diagnosing chronic beryllium disease or beryllium sensitization in an individual’s body.

What is beryllium disease?

When an individual accidentally inhales beryllium fumes and dust, then the beryllium disease may take place. This is the reason why the beryllium test is often suggested to all those individuals who are involved in industries or occupations where the chances of exposure to beryllium is high. There are two particular types of beryllium disease.

  • Chronic beryllium disease: Inhaling beryllium powder of fume can be the reason for this disease, however, inhaling beryllium does not always end up causing chronic beryllium disease. Beryllium sensitivity can take place soon after exposure to beryllium or after a long span of time, approximately 30-40 years. Sensitization can also be called allergy, which takes place when the body of an individual starts reacting negatively to any particular substance.
  • Acute beryllium disease: Workplaces where the chances of beryllium exposure is high have currently implemented strict safety regulations and this is the reason why acute beryllium disease has become really rare these days.

Which complications may occur because of beryllium disease?

The chances of facing Lung cancer is higher in people who have been exposed to beryllium. As soon as the respiratory function gets hampered, it also badly impacts the heart also, which may even lead to heart diseases in the long run.

How is beryllium disease treated?

The occurring symptoms of beryllium disease can be treated with proper medications and other medical actions but there are currently no cure available for chronic beryllium disease. Prednisone is the most commonly used corticosteroid used for chronic beryllium disease. When no progress of health is seen in patients who are receiving steroids, the medical experts may prescribe methotrexate.

When to go for a beryllium test?

When the primary signs and symptoms of beryllium disease start to get visible in the body, then the doctors may suggest to go for a beryllium test. The most concerning matter is, the disease may generate very little or no symptoms at all at the initial stage. When CBD takes place in an individual’s body, inflammation of the lungs can be experienced firstly. During the continuation of this inflammatory response, certain symptoms may eventually start showing up with time, which includes

  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Cough

Test preparations

No specific preparations are required before appearing for the beryllium test. However, the healthcare professionals may ask you to avoid certain medications as some medications may affect the test results. You can consult with the healthcare professional when you appear for the test to know if there are any specific guidelines to be followed. You can now easily get the benefits of a beryllium test near me.

Sample requirements

A particular amount of blood will be fetched from your vein. A healthcare professional will be collecting that blood sample using a syringe. Soon after the blood collection process, the blood sample will be sent to the laboratory. Once the test is done, the test report will be generated within a very short span of time. Knowingly, so many people these days are going for the facilities of a beryllium test at home.

Result interpretation

The test report will show the concentration of beryllium detected in the collected blood sample. If you want a better understanding of the test report, you can have a discussion with a certified doctor about the test result. Fortunately, a beryllium test price is truly affordable nowadays.

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