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The Aluminium test is mainly performed to measure the amount of aluminium in the blood. A large number of people have already booked an Aluminium test online as the Aluminium test price is very much reasonable. Avail the benefits of Aluminium test at home today. Aluminium test price is Rs.1030.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is an Aluminium test?

Aluminum is a specific type of mineral that remains present in the body. Food, water and certain medications are sources of aluminum in our body. Most of the aluminum percentage is eliminated from the body through urine but long term exposure to aluminum makes it different for the body to eliminate it completely. When it happens, the remaining amount of aluminum may start accumulating in different tissues of the body like parathyroid glands, bones and brain, which may even lead to aluminum toxicity. The main purpose of performing an aluminum test is to monitor aluminum toxicity in dialysis patients.

What are the factors that can be the reason for aluminum toxicity?

  • Aluminum toxicity may take place when the dialysis can’t be effective enough to remove all the aluminum from the body.
  • When aluminum traces remain present in the dialysis fluid.
  • When medications like antacids with aluminum hydroxide are consumed.

Who is suggested to go for an aluminum test?

This test can be suggested to check aluminum toxicity in patients suffering from acute kidney failure who fail to excrete aluminum. Also, this test is suggested to

  • People who are suffering from anemia with poor absorption of iron in the body.
  • People who are actively receiving treatments for kidney failure
  • People who have gone through prosthetic implants that contain aluminum
  • People who are receiving long term intravenous nutrition
  • People who have been working in places where the risk of exposure to aluminum is high

Apart from that, people who are suffering from hypoparathyroidism because of aluminum accumulation in their bones can also be recommended to go for this test.

When to go for this test?

The medical experts may recommend you to go for this test when the primary signs and symptoms of aluminum toxicity start to get visible in your body. Some of those major symptoms of aluminum toxicity may include

  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain
  • Confusion
  • Memory loss
  • Speech issues
  • Frequent fractures
  • Seizures and fits

What are the health conditions associated with aluminum toxicity?

Major health problems that are associated with aluminum toxicity may include

  • Lung diseases
  • Bone diseases
  • Brain diseases
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Anemia

Test preparations

No special preparations are needed before appearing for this test. However, it is always suggested to mention all the medications you are taking while appearing for this test. Also, consult with the experienced pathologists to know if there are any other necessary guidelines to be followed while appearing for an aluminum test.

Sample requirements

A medical expert will be fetching a particular amount of blood from your vein through a syringe and will carry the collected blood sample to the laboratory. The test will be performed on that blood sample. You can quickly find the facilities of an aluminum test near me nowadays and get the test done.

Are there any risks associated with this test?

You may experience a bit of pain, soreness or bruising at the injection site. Do not worry because usually these complications are temporary and they go away naturally. However, you may consult a genuine and reliable doctor if you feel any serious uneasiness after the blood collection process. You can easily check an aluminum test price online these days.

Result interpretation

  • A concentration less than 0.37 μmol/L is normal in people who do not have any previous history of chronic renal failure.
  • A concentration less than 2.22 μmol/L is normal in patients who are suffering from chronic renal failure and are already receiving a dialysis.

However, a concentration greater than 2.22 μmol/L indicates excessive aluminum accumulation.

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