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Diagnostic Centres & Pathological Labs in India


Diagnostic Centres in Vijayawada

Konacc Diagnostic Center

33-5-33/2, Elluru Road, Near Anil Estates Seetharampuram, Vijayawada - 520004

VGR Diagnostics

Door Number 29-26-21, Narasimharao Naidu Street, Beside Family Hospital Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Kiran Hospital

House No 27-31-15, Peoples Clinic, Palaparthivari Street, Opposite Raghavaiah Park Main Gate Governerpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Netaji X-Ray & Laboratory

Vemurivari Street, Opposite Vijaya Chandra Hospital Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Dr Kalyan Diagnostic Laboratory

40 5 16, Tickle Road Parameswara Complex, Vijayawada - 520010

Sree Sarada Nursing Home

Door No 29-9-60/1, Grn Street Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Life Line Diagnostics

House No 33-25-38, Opposite Safe Hospital, Pushpa Hotel Centre Kasturibaipet, Vijayawada - 520010

Cure Diagnostics Centre

Door No 29-6-32, Rama Chandra Rao Road, Opposite Rajendra Medical Shop Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Trust Hospital Lab Centre

40-9-58a, Guttikonda Gopal Rao Street, Near Sub Register Office.Kalanagar Benz Circle, Vijayawada - 520010

Anuhya Diagnostics

Anu Complex, 5 Route Jammichettu Center, Beside Canara Bank Atm Moghalraja Puram, Vijayawada - 520010

Yasesvi Diagnostic Centre

29-26-15, Vemurivari Street, Dornakal Road, Near Andhra Bank ATM Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

SQL Labs Pvt Ltd

Door No 29-5-18, Cherukupalli Vari Street, Near Vijaya Talkies Governerpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Ratna Laboratory

Benz Circle Ncb Colony, Vijayawada - 520010

Vimta Labs Ltd

29-5-1, Prakasham Road, Near Eagle Bar, Opposite Glaxo Company Governerpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Pragathi X Ray & Laboratory

NTR Circle, Opposite SBH Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Bharat Diagnostics

Door No 29-6-23, Nakkal Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Amba Diagnostic Centre

29-26-18a, Jadagam Vari Street, Rehman Park Road, Behind Dornakal Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Shradha Diagnostics

H. No: 29-10-3, Narasimha Naidu Street, Opposite Poornima medicals Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Sri Venkateswara Diagnostics

9-242, Old Post Office Building, Krishna Nagar Auto Nagar, Vijayawada - 520007

Global Medical Centre

Beside Police Control Room MG Road, Vijayawada - 520010

City Diagnostic Centre

29-19-47, Dornakal Road, Opposite Dr. Jasti satyanarayana Hospital, Near Vedhi Raju Meda, Suryaraopeta Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada - 520002

Amrutha Clinical Laboratory

D No 4-1-72, Chittinagar, K T Road One Town, Vijayawada - 520001

Swathi Clinical Laboratory

MG Road, Near Masjid Gollapudi, Vijayawada - 521225

Vasu Clinical Laboratory

Opposite Durga Mahal Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Gs Path Lab

Vijayawada Ho Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada - 520001

Sneha Diagnostics

29-14-26, Prakasam Road, Opposite Eagle Bar & Restaurant, Near I.V.Palace Governerpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Tammineni Hospital

45-19-7 Gunadala, Vijayawada - 520005

Sirisha Diagnostic

Nmr Complex, Masjid Road, Near Nri Indian Strings Gollapudi, Vijayawada - 521225

Vijaya Laboratory

29-6-81 Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

ABC Diagnostic Centre

29-19-20, Dornakal Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Sai Ram Maternity Hospital

House No 29-30-15, Parkasam Road, Opposite SBI Zonal Office Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Adarsh Diagnostics

Door No 29-3-23, Plot No 102, Sri Ranga Heights Ground Floor, Kaleswara Road Governerpet, Vijayawada - 520002

SAI Charitha Diagnostic Centre

D.no. 33-18-12, Chalasani Venkata Krishanaiah Street Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Light Diagnostics

Door No 29-12-12, Venkatarathnam Street Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Citi Diagnostic Centre

29-19-47, Dornakai Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

MVS Hospital Lab Centre

12/58, Near Pushpa Hotel Suryaraopet, Vijayawada - 520002

Dr Bhargavi Daibetes And Health Care Centre

29-9, Govindarajulu Naidu Street Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002



Suryarao Peta , Vijayawada - 520002

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Sri Vijaya Durga Clinical Laboratory

V.t.p.s Road, IBM Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada - 521456

Manipal Super Speciality Hospital

Soumya Nagar, Tadepalli, NH 5 Vijayawada Ho, Vijayawada - 520001

Vennela Ultra Sound Scan

Opposite Pernima Medical Nakkal Road, Vijayawada - 520002

Apollo Diallognostic Laboratory

Parameshwara Complex, 40-5-16, Sri Natrajan Guljar Road, Revenue Colony Park, Sidhartha Nagar, Labbipet , Vijayawada - 520010

Sree Diagnostics

29-8-40/1, Near Chilukudurgaiag Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Vijaya x-Ray & Diagnostic Laboratory

Opposite Siri Arcade, Bus Stand Road Nuzvid, Vijayawada - 521201

Modern Diagnostics

D no 29-9-12, Govindarajulu Naidu Street, Nakkal Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Pramodini Imaging & Diagnostics

Shop No. 29-4-54E, CSI Complex, Prakasam Road, Opposite Tagore Chambers, Governorpet , Vijayawada - 52000

Vijayawada Diagnostic Hospital

Dornakal Road Suryaraopet, Vijayawada - 520002

Sai Diagnostics

Gogineni Complex, Ramalayam Street, Nsm School Road Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Dwaraka Diagnostic centre

40-27-87, Nirmala convent road, Benz Circle, Opposite Bombay studio , Vijayawada - 520010

ABC Imaging

11-2-13, Dornakal Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520001

Royal Diagnostics & Research Centre

Nakkala Road, Beside Sridevi Hospital Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Aswini Diagnostics

Door No 29-12-4, Venkata Ratnam Street, Nakkal Road, 4th Lane Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

St Anns Hospital

Dr Snehalatha, Near Pwd Ground Benz Circle, Vijayawada - 520010

Srimata Diagnostics

Near Govt Press Road, Uppalapativari St, Mutyalam Padu Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada - 520011

Srinivasa Laboratory

D.no. 21-24, Yanamala Kuduru Centre Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Sai Krishna Diagnostics

Chiluku Durgaiah Street, 1st Lane, Nakkala Road, Opposite Kalyan Kuteer Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Bandaru Diagnostics

Beside Dr Rama Rao Hospital Kasturibaipet, Vijayawada - 520010

SAI Lakshmi X - Ray Laboratory

H.no: 73-1-12/ A, Opposite Durga Mahal Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Peoples Laboratory

Vemurivari Street Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada - 520001

Sirisha Medical Laboratory

D.no-77-2/1-29, Prakash Nagar Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada - 520001

Aruna Kidney Centre

Door No 29-10-13, Tadepalli Vari Street, Arundelpet Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Kishore Kidney & Laproscopic Centre

Door No 29-26-92/A, Boyapativari Street, Near Swathi Press Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada - 520001

Red Labs

Dornakal Road, Near Andhra Bank ATM Vijayawada HO, Vijayawada - 520001

Vijayawada Diagnostics

29-13-37, Kaleswara Rao Road, Opposite SBI Zonal Office Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Thyrocare Suryaraopet, Vijayawada

Thyrocare Suryaraopet, Vijayawada

D No. 29-26-21, Narasimha Naidu Street, Suryaraopet, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520002

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Bezawada Diagnostic Centre

29-4-2, Krr Street, Governerpet Arundalpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Dr Srikanth K V N

33 18 12, Sai Charitha Diagnostic Centre, Chalasani Venkata Krishnaiah Street, Near Dr M J Naidu Hospital Suryaraopeth, Vijayawada - 520002

Anu Labs

Near Pushpa Hotel Chalasaninagar, Vijayawada - 520002

Sarvani Laboratory & X Ray

G S Raju Road Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada - 520011

Navarang Diagnostics

H.no: 29-10-42/1, Narsimha Naidu Street, Nakkala Road Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Apple Diagnostic Pvt Ltd

29-6-5, Suryaraopet, Ramchandra Rao Road Arundelpet, Vijayawada - 520002

Med Plus Clinic

N R P Road Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada - 520003

Lahari Hospital

59a-21-13/4, High School Road, Rr Gardens Patamata, Vijayawada - 520010

Thyrocare Kasturibaipet, Vijayawada

Thyrocare Kasturibaipet, Vijayawada

Door No. 34-31-15, Bhagath Singh Street, Opposite Srr College Bus Stop, Machavaram, Eluru Road, Kasturibaipet, District Krishna, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh - 520004

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Best Imaging And Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

8-253/1, Ground Floor, Latha Residency, Mg Road Ashok Nagar Busstop, Vijayawada - 520010

A To Z Diagnostic Services

29-25-39, Kothavanthena center, Beside anjaneya swamy temple Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Safe Diagnostics

Gogineni Complex, NSM Public School Road Patamata, Vijayawada - 520006

Pallavi Puva Centre

29-4-2, Kodanda Rami Reddy Street, Governor Peta Arundelpet , Vijayawada - 520002

Sunitha Diagnostic Center

Vijayawada Road Hanuman Junction, Vijayawada - 521105

Deevena Diagostics

29-13-27, Kaleswara Rao road, Beside vijayawada PolyClinic Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

Biocare Diagnostic Centre

9-62-81/B Drain Street, One Town Islampet, Vijayawada - 520001

Mayuka Peoples Laboratory

D no 29-25-47, Vemuri Vari street, kothavantena bus stop Suryarao Pet, Vijayawada - 520002

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