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CT Scan in Delhi

Nueclear Healthcare Limited is offering CT Scans in Delhi. CT Scan cost in Delhi is Rs. 2000 per part. Price is inclusive of 2 CT films. Online payment is not allowed. Customer needs to pay Nueclear Healthcare Limited directly.

CT Scan Price

Plain per Part Rs. 2,000
3D per Part Rs. 4,000
Angio per Part Rs. 6,000

Contrast Scans will be charged Rs. 1,500 additional.

CT Scan Centre in Delhi

Plot No. 260-261, Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar Nagar,
New Friends Colony New Delhi - 110065

CT Scan Cost in Delhi

Rs. 2,000

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Being known as the capital of India, Delhi has always been among the top 3 metropolitan cities. Just like many other cities, Delhi is also a home for a huge number of corporate organizations. There are so many visitable places in Delhi, which has always been a major point of interest for many tourists. Besides, CT scan cost in Delhi is also very reasonable.

What is a CT scan?

The term CT stands for Computed Tomography. CT scan is known as one of the most advanced scanning processes that is done through X-ray and a special type of computer is used to run the process. Mainly, this advanced scanning process is run when it is required to visualize any specific part of someone’s body where the organs are having any unusual activities. As a matter of fact, the wide use of CT scan can be seen in detecting hidden wounds and injuries. Extremely detailed pictures of bones, soft tissues, muscle tissues, blood vessels can be captured through a CT scan process. The entire world has already found CT scan a two times more effective scanning process than X-ray.

What are the body parts covered in a CT scan?

  • Spine
  • Shoulders
  • Heart
  • Head
  • Knee
  • Chest
  • Abdomen

Why is a Ct scan done?

No other process but CT scan can help to get crucial information about any kind of hidden injuries that have already taken place inside a human body. Several kinds of hidden injuries, tumors and any sort of damage in the cell tissues can easily be detected through this advanced medical technology. As a matter of fact, the basic purpose of running a CT scan is to detect cell and tissue damage, internal bleeding, tumors, hidden injuries and all those internal health damages that can not be seen or examined externally by medical experts.

How is the procedure done?

The patient is asked to lay down on the process table. X-ray is used through the CT scan machine and the rays releasing from the machine keep rotating around the patient’s body in purpose of capturing 2D and 3D pictures of the internal part that is damaged or injured. It keeps taking the inner pictures from different angles in small sizes. When the process goes on, a radiologist keeps monitoring the entire process from another room to make sure everything is running properly.

What are the risks involved in a CT scan?

  • X-ray is used in CT scan, which generates ionized radiation. So there remains a chance that the radiation may cause damage to your DNA.
  • The radiation of X-rays used in CT scans can also be very harmful for children.
  • Imaging in the stomach area can be risky if you are pregnant because the radiation may cause harm to the baby. Ultrasound is used in such cases.

Importance of CT scan in Covid

People who are having high clinical suspicion of any type of infection, A CT scan can help most of them get their diseases detected appropriately. Apart from that, if you had a critical lung damage because of the negative impacts of coronavirus, then it can be detected by a proper CT scan. In other words, the presence of Covid-19 through a PET CT scan can be detected based on the damages it has made, which can be clearly diagnosed.

Need of Chest CT scan

Specifically, doctors have suggested many people to go for a chest CT scan as that can be beneficial. Any damage in your respiratory system can be diagnosed in most cases by running a proper Chest CT scan. Besides, it can help you know if you are having any pre existing respiratory issues as people with pre-existing respiratory problems are more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Instructions for Patients before a CT Scan

  • All the patients should be wearing the dress suggested by the medical experts.
  • No metallic objects should be carried inside the CT room.
  • If contrast materials are used, then you may need to stay prepared to get injected before the process.

Get CT scan in Delhi for a cheaper price at our website as diagnosticcentres.in is still providing a huge discount on the price of many such packages. Approximately Rs.1500 is needed to go for a plain CT scan but there may be additional charges if there are requirements for contrast elements.

About Nueclear Healthcare Limited

Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of those healthcare organization that has successfully maintained a very high level of consumer satisfaction since the beginning. This healthcare organization was founded in the year 2010 and is considered as a 100% subsidiary of Thyrocare Technologies Limited. Nueclear has already left footprints in the kingdom of the biggest diagnostic centres of India and is taking steps ahead towards the path of progress at an unbelievable speed, Most of all, they always prefer to provide each and every of their healthcare packages at a very reasonable cost that can passively reduce the financial worries of the family of any patient.

Secondly, Nueclear values your trust more than the expense you carry to consume their services. They treat patients very well and unlike any other ordinary healthcare, they try to make them feel better in every possible way. In other words, they believe, sometimes patient orientations work more than medications. Getting in touch with them can truly be beneficial for you as they can detect any hidden disease of your body within the shortest possible span of time. They can easily provide a perfect solution for almost each and every of your physical issues.