Tumor Marker Tests

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Tumour is a severe condition that can turn into cancer if not treated at the right time. In most cases tumours do not cause any symptoms, therefore detecting a tumour without any diagnostic test is next to impossible. This is why it is important to have a Tumor Marker Test to detect if you have any tumour. Our Tumor Marker Blood Test cost is Rs. 2200.


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What is a tumor marker test?

Tumor marker tests are also known as cancer marker tests. Any substance in your body can be a tumor marker that provides information about cancer. Some tumor markers can be proteins, on the other hand, visible changes in some parts of tumor cells and genes can also be tumor markers. A tumor marker test can be suggested for various reasons. Take a glance at some of those mentionable reasons.

  • A tumor marker test can help to gain information about how fast the cancer is growing in the body.
  • A Tumor marker test can help to detect the presence of certain types of cancer.
  • A tumor marker test can help the medical experts know that the treatment is working or not.
  • A tumor marker test can also be performed for the purpose of making sure that the cancer has come back or not.
  • A tumor marker test can also help to understand which kind of treatment is necessary.

However, there are other health conditions too apart from cancer that may be the reason for visible growth in certain kinds of tumor markers. In those particular cases, it may become a bit difficult to know that the tumor markers are being caused by the presence of cancer or any other health conditions. However, there are certain kinds of cancer that don’t have any known tumor markers and this is why the tumor marker test can not detect all kinds of cancer.

There are two particular types of tumor markers named tumor tissue markers and circulating tumor markers. Circulating tumor markers are usually found in urine, blood, saliva, stool and bone marrow. On the other hand, the tumor tissue markers are found in tumors only. The blood, urine or stool sample is collected to check for circulating tumor markers, which may also involve the use of a bone marrow biopsy for the purpose of getting a sample of bone marrow of the patient. To check for the presence of tumor tissue markers, a small sample of the affected tissue is collected by a medical expert, which is sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis.

Why is a tumor marker test used?

  • A tumor marker test is used for the purpose of checking if the cancer has started to spread in the other parts of the body.
  • Monitoring treatment response is another mentionable reason why a tumor marker test can be performed.
  • A tumor marker test can also be used to assess the growth of cancer.

The most important fact to be mentioned is, a tumor marker test is performed for the purpose of screening for cancer, it isn’t used for the purpose of diagnosing cancer. To be more specific, the presence of high tumor marker levels in your body means that you are more likely to get cancer. However, certain kinds of tumor marker tests that involve the examination of cells from a tumor can help to diagnose the presence of cancer in an individual’s body.

When to go for a tumor marker test?

Usually, the doctors may suggest going for a tumor marker test if you are currently receiving cancer treatments. You may also need to go for this test if you have finished receiving your cancer treatment entirely. Apart from that, if you have a family history of cancer or you are suffering from any other health conditions that may be the reason for cancer in near or far future, then the medical experts may recommend you to go for a tumor marker test.

How to prepare for this test?

  • Urine or blood tests : Usually no specific preparations are required in case of tumor marker blood test or urine tests.
  • Biopsy: It may be necessary to fast for several hours before you appear for the test.

What to expect during the test?

Blood tests are the most commonly used procedure for the purpose of detecting tumor markers. Soon after you appear for the test, a healthcare professional will be fetching a specific amount of blood from your vein using a syringe and will store it in a tube primarily. Later, the blood sample will be examined by healthcare professionals.

In case of urine tests, you will get complete instructions about how to collect and bring your urine sample for testing purposes. However, the biopsy is a bit complicated compared to the other testing methods. During this test process, a small piece of tissue will be collected by making a small incision or scraping the suspected area. Soon after the tissue sample is collected, it is sent to the laboratory for testing purposes.

Are there any risks associated with this test?

No huge risks are associated with all the test procedures that are included in a tumor marker test. However, it’s natural to feel a bit of discomfort or bruising at the exact spot where the needle has been inserted for the blood collection purpose. Also, you may experience bruising or bleeding or even a bit of pain at the biopsy site. However, these discomforts and feelings of pain are temporary and they usually go away with time. Do not forget to seek medical attention immediately if you are facing any severe health complication after the blood collection process or biopsy.

Result interpretation

If the test result shows the presence of high tumor markers then it indicates the possibility of the presence of cancer. The experts will have a discussion with you if any abnormalities have been found in the test result and also if any further tests are required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a tumour?

A tumour is the abnormal growth of cells or tissue. Tumour affects skin, tissue, organs, glands and even bones.

Are all tumours cancerous?

Tumours can be cancerous, but all tumour cells are not cancerous or malignant.

What causes tumours?

Our body is continuously producing new cells to replace the damaged cells. However, when the new cells grow excessively, the cells begin to accumulate and form a tumour.

What is a Tumor Marker Test?

A Tumor Marker Test is a group of tests that will help the doctors find out the presence of any tumour in your body.

When should I take a Tumor Marker Test?

A Tumor Marker Test does not come in a routine health checkup. Therefore, you should get this test if you experience any tumour related symptoms. However, no tumours show symptoms, this is why having a tumour health checkup once a year detects your potential of developing a tumour.

What tests are included in this profile test?

Our Tumor Marker Test consist of 6 to 7 essential tests, such as Prostate Specific Antigen, Alpha Fetoprotein, Beta HCG, Carcino embryonic antigen and others.

What sample will be needed?

Only a blood sample is required for this profile test.

Do I need to fast for this test?

Yes, 10 to 12 hours of fasting is required for this test, only water is allowed.

What is the cost of the Tumor Marker Test?

The cost of our Tumor Marker Test packages starts from Rs. 2200 only.

Do you offer a free home sample collection?

Yes, we do offer home sample collection facilities.