Tuberculosis Health Checkup in Gorakhpur

There are many reasons why a TB test is suggested by health professionals. Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease that can badly affect your lungs. No matter if it is latent Tb or active TB, both can be very dangerous for your respiratory system and may also cause some additional complexions too. In a word,Tuberculosis may turn very serious if not detected or treated on time.


  • It can help you get the presence of the disease detected at the beginning stage.
  • It can help the doctor decide further steps of treatment because it is impossible to continue treatments without having a look at the test report.

Chest pain, tiredness, sudden weight loss, pain while breathing etc are some of the major signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis. However, this is not possible for any of us to stay alert of all these in a busy schedule of life. Undeniably, there lies the importance of a tuberculosis test. A diagnostic test for tb can help you stay away from many potential risks.