TAX Saver Packages in Agra

The best time to get tested is when you think you don't need to !

Save TAX upto Rs. 5000 under income Tax Section 80D

A person can claim expense incurred towards preventive health checkup for self, spouse, dependent children and parents subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


  • Cardiac Risk Markers (6)
  • Complete Hemogram (24)
  • Diabetics (4)
  • Iron Deficiency (4)
  • Lipid Profile (10)
  • Liver (12)
  • Kidney (7)
  • Thyroid Profile (3)
  • Vitamin (2)
  • Pancreatic (2)
  • Electrolytes (2)
  • Misc(3)
Rs. 2499 Rs. 1949
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
  • Free Home Sample Pickup Free Home Sample Pickup
  • Online Report Delivery Online Report Delivery


  • Arthritis (2)
  • Cardiac Risk Markers (7)
  • CBC / Hemogram (24)
  • Diabetics (6)
  • Iron (5)
  • Lipid (10)
  • Liver (12)
  • Urinogram (10)
  • Misc(3)
  • Kidney (10)
  • Thyroid (3)
  • Vitamin (12)
  • Pancreatic (2)
  • Electrolytes (2)
  • Hormone (1)
  • Toxic Elements (22)
  • Metabolic(1)
Rs. 4999 Rs. 3949
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
  • Free Home Sample Pickup Free Home Sample Pickup
  • Online Report Delivery Online Report Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a tax saver test package?

This is basically a preventive health checkup package that comes with an opportunity for you to enjoy a tax exemption of 5000 as per the section 80D of income tax act, 1961.

What is section 80D income tax act?

Section 80D makes you eligible for claiming tax benefits of up to 5000 rupees on the expense of preventive health checkup expenses. You can avail these price reduction benefits on medical expenses of your children, spouse or parents. However, the tax saving benefits of 5000 rupees are available only on the maximum tax exemption limits of 25000 rupees, which is available on the premiums of health insurance in any financial year.

How can the tax saver test package be beneficial?

This 80d preventive health checkup package comes with so many essential tests that can help you get any abnormal activities in the body detected quickly as well as any hidden disease. The test can help you get serious diseases detected at the initial stage before the disease turns serious and also to know if the deficiency of any essential element has taken place in the body.

How can I book a tax saver test package?

You can easily book a tax saver preventive health checkup package just through a few clicks.

What is the payment process?

Now you can easily make the total payment online while booking the test package.

Is that mandatory to pay for health insurance to avail preventive health test benefits?

It’s not compulsory to pay for health insurance. However, paying for health insurances can help you save a huge cost from your expenses spent on medical issues. If you have an active insurance, you can easily claim hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges etc.

Are the test reports reliable?

You may completely rely on the test reports as thyrocare generates completely error-free test results.

How much time does it take to generate test reports?

Generally, it takes 24-48 hours to generate the test report.

Can I get the test facilities at home?

Yes, you don’t need to visit the lab physically as home sample collection facilities are now available.

Is it required to pay an insurance company for this preventive health checkup?

Usually insurance companies provide preventive health test facilities at zero cost. However, The Facility can be available after every 2-4 claim free years or just annually.

How often should one go for a preventive checkup?

It is recommended to go at least 2-3 times a year for a 80d preventive health checkup.

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