Metabolic Profile Test in Agartala

Metabolic checkup is equally important as other health checkup

In this continuously upgrading world, everyone is concerned about their health. Weight management is essential to stay clear of any potential disorders. A good metabolism is of utmost importance to manage your weight. Metabolism is a chemical process that helps to break down calories and turn them into energy.

The higher your metabolism rate is, the easier it is to manage and lose weight. It is important to have a Metabolic Profile Test in Agartala to understand your metabolism rate. The metabolism test cost begins from Rs. 2150.


  • Diabetes (2 Tests)
  • Iron Deficiency (3 Tests)
  • Lipid Profile (8 Tests)
  • Liver (11 Tests)
  • Kidney (5 Tests)
  • Thyroid (3 Tests)
  • Vitamin (4 tests)
  • Elecrolytes Profile (2 tests)
  • Hemogram(28)
Rs. 3000 Rs. 2249
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
  • Free Home Sample Pickup Free Home Sample Pickup
  • Online Report Delivery Online Report Delivery


  • Vitamin(14)
  • Arthritis (1)
  • Thyroid(3)
  • Iron Deficiency(3)
  • Diebetes(2)
  • Kidney(5)
  • Elements(2)
  • Liver(11)
  • Wellness(1)
  • Electrolytes(2)
  • Complete Hemogram(28)
  • Toxic Elements(22)
  • Lipid(8)
Rs. 4000 Rs. 3049
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
  • Free Home Sample Pickup Free Home Sample Pickup
  • Online Report Delivery Online Report Delivery

Metabolic Profile Test : A brief detail on its necessity

Trust or not, it is not really easy to maintain a normal metabolic level in the body. Maintaining the proper metabolism has always been one of the biggest challenges as in daily life we go through so many factors that leave harmful impacts on the metabolism of our body.

On one side there are bad impacts of a bad metabolism on the human body, on the other side, there are countless benefits of a Metabolic Profile Test. Let’s have a brief discussion of what metabolism is and what impacts can a bad metabolism leave on a human body including the necessity of a test. So many people are showing keenness to book the test because a cmp test price is very reasonable in most of the cities.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is known as the natural process of a human body to turn consumable food into energy. Merely, it can be considered as a life-sustaining reaction of chemicals in the body. Knowingly, ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph are known as three different types of metabolism.

There are certain metabolic conditions or disorders that can make you face several critical complexions, which may turn very serious within a very short span of time. Undoubtedly, this is a mentionable reason why metabolic disorders should never be handled casually as that may lead us towards a bigger problem. A brief on metabolic syndrome is given below so that you can have sound knowledge about the harmful effects of it.

A brief on metabolic syndrome and disorders

Any time certain abnormal chemical reactions abrupt or interrupt the metabolism of a human body, it is called a metabolic syndrome. As a matter of fact, mitochondrial dysfunction and organ dysfunction can be considered as two major reasons behind metabolic syndrome.

However, there are certain factors that can also play a key role in degrading the metabolic process of a human body. As a matter of fact, body temperature, body weight, daily activities, age etc are some of those factors that can also leave impacts on the natural metabolism of a human body. Apart from all these, certain lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking can also leave a negative impact on the natural metabolism of a human body. Undoubtedly, there lies the basic importance of a metabolic screening test.

Importance of a Metabolic Profile Test

No matter which kind of metabolic disorder has taken place in your body, a Metabolic Profile Test can help you to get it figured out quickly. Apart from that,

  • A metabolic test can help you know that your body metabolism is functioning properly or not.
  • Medical experts can never find a cure for your wellness from metabolic issues without having a look at the metabolic test report.
  • Even the silliest metabolic issue can be detected through a test.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Metabolic Profile Test?

The metabolic test package helps to determine your metabolic rate by measuring the different metabolic elements and hormone levels.

What tests are included in the metabolism test package?

Our metabolism test packages include 75 to 102 essential tests to check your metabolism health.

Why do I need a metabolic test in Agartala?

The metabolic test is being done as a part of the routine health checkup. Doctors also suggest this test if they suspect that you may have a kidney or liver disease.

Do I need to fast before the metabolism test?

Yes. You need to fast for 10 to 12 hours before a metabolism test. Only water is allowed in this time period.

What sample will be required?

Only a blood sample is required for the metabolism test. A medical professional will collect the blood sample from a vein in your arm.

Do you offer home sample collection facilities in Agartala?

Yes, we do offer home sample collection facilities in Agartala.

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