Iron Deficiency Health Checkup in Noida

Iron deficiency is undoubtedly one of those types of Anemia that has huge negative impacts upon the human body. Knowingly, Iron deficiency Anemia can massively reduce the amount of red blood cells that may even cause death if not detected on time or treated in a proper manner. Knowingly, iron deficiency occurs due to the lack of mineral iron in a human body. Besides, iron deficiency Anemia is the most common kind of Anemia worldwide.

Benefits of Iron deficiency health checkup

  • A checkup can help you realize the amount of haemoglobin in your body.
  • It can passively help the doctors find a perfect cure for you and suggest the precautionary measures to be taken.
  • Most of all, the doctors can recognize the potential symptoms and can detect the disease at the first stage, which is only possible through a checkup.

Iron Deficiency Profile includes Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), % Transferrin Saturation

3 Tests
Rs. 500
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
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Some certain symptoms can be mentioned for your benefits that can help you understand that you have a risk of Anemia or not. For example, shortness of breath, dizziness,s unexpected weakness, cold hands or feets etc are the primary symptoms which can help you know that your body is facing a crisis of iron, which can turn into Amenia in near or far future. Going for an Iron deficiency health checkup can truly help you to get rid of all such worries.

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