Child Health Checkup in Allahabad

Allahabad is known and reputed all over the country as one of the most important cities of Uttar Pradesh. Knowingly, people of Bangalore are currently being aware of the fact that children need to go for a Child health checkup in Allahabad more frequently than the adults even if they are having no symptoms of any kind of disease. Now a day, the newly appearing pathology labs and healthcare points are playing an important role to make people understand the value of child health checkup.

Benefits of Child health checkup

  • It can help the doctors realize the absolute category of the disease that your child is having.
  • It can help the doctors suggest your child precautionary measures to be taken to avoid potential physical issues.
  • It can help the specialists find an appropriate cure for your child.
Children Health Checkup
  • Complete Hemogram (24)
  • Iron Deficiency (4)
  • Lipid Profile (10)
  • Elements(9)
  • Liver (12)
  • Kidney (7)
  • Thyroid (1)
  • Vitamin (3)
  • Misc(1)
76 Tests
Rs. 4000 Rs. 1999
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
  • Free Home Sample Pickup Free Home Sample Pickup
  • Online Report Delivery Online Report Delivery
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

When would your child need this test?

Doctors generally refer to going for a children's health checkup once in a year. However, If your child already has an existing health concern then might this test more frequently.

What tests are included in this health checkup?

Our children's health checkup package includes 76 essential tests, such as thalassemia, iron deficiency, blood element profile, hemogram, kidney profile, liver profile, thyroid profile, vitamin profile and others.

Can this test show any infection?

Yes. As this checkup package includes a complete blood count test, this will help in the detection of any infection in your child’s body.

How many hours of fasting is required for this test?

The fasting period of this test is 10 to 12 hours. However, you can drink water throughout the fasting period.

What sample is required for this test?

This test will only require a small sample of blood. A medical practitioner will collect the blood sample from a vein in your arm.

Does this checkup include a doctor consultation?

Yes, this checkup offers a free doctor consultation.

What is the cost of the children health package?

The cost of a children’s health package is only Rs.1999.

Do you offer a free home sample collection?

Yes, we do offer a free home sample collection.