Child Health Checkup in Agartala

Every responsible father should focus upon a child health checkup

If you are having a child and you stay concerned about the physical condition of your child, then it can easily be said that you must go for a child health checkup. According to the opinion of most of the certified doctors, children catch viral infections or several other internal damages faster than the adult due to less amount of immunity power. However, hidden diseases that generate no symptoms at the initial stage have already taken the lives of hundreds of children all over the globe.

Advantages of a child health checkup

  • Your precious child or children must abide by some certain dos and don’ts to stay physically fit, which can only be suggested by the certified doctors.
  • If your child is having any hidden disease, then a child health checkup can help the doctors detect that quickly.
  • A health checkup of your child can help you know if there is a lack of any material in the body of your child such as carbohydrate, glucose etc.
Children Health Checkup
  • Complete Hemogram (24)
  • Iron Deficiency (4)
  • Lipid Profile (10)
  • Elements(9)
  • Liver (12)
  • Kidney (7)
  • Thyroid (1)
  • Vitamin (3)
  • Misc(1)
76 Tests
Rs. 4000 Rs. 1999
  • NABL, CAP, ISO 9001 NABL, CAP, ISO 9001
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