Bone Profile Test in Alwar

Go for the bone profile test to prevent your potentiality of bone fractures

We often neglect our bone health. As bones are the main structure of the human body, healthy bones are very much important for a long living life. A slight damage to the bone can cause lifelong bone disorders like arthritis. This is why you should not neglect your bone health. And the only way to determine your bone health is to go for a bone profile test in Alwar. The bone profile blood test cost also begins from as low as Rs.2000 only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a bone profile test in Alwar?

A bone profile test includes a bunch of tests that help to examine different nutrient levels to determine your bone health.

What are the benefits of a bone profile test in Alwar?

A bone profile test helps to:

  • Detect decrease in the bone density
  • Detect your potentiality of breaking a bone
  • Identify any bone damage and disorder
  • Monitor the progress of your bone treatment

What samples are needed?

A blood sample is required to perform the bone checkup. A healthcare practitioner will collect a blood sample from a vein in your arm.

Do I need to fast for the bone checkup?

Yes. 10 to 12 hours of fasting is required for a bone checkup. You can only drink water in this fasting period.

Do I need any other test preparations?

As per our guidance, only fasting is required. However, if you have any health condition then you should consult your doctor for further guidance.

Do you offer home sample collection facilities?

Yes. We do offer home sample collection facilities.