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Jun 2018

10 Lifestyle tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 18, 2018


Diabetes is a type of disease which impairs your body to produce or respond to a hormone called insulin. Insulin usually keeps the glucose levels in your blood regulated. When a person has diabetes, the ability of his or her body to control this level of blood sugar gets impaired which results in abnormal metabolism or high levels of glucose content in one’s blood. This is why a diabetic health checkup is necessary.

There are mainly 3 symptoms of diabetes that is: elevated hunger, thirst and an urge to urinate. Other symptoms include weakness, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, weight loss,blurred vision etc. but most commonly it cannot be detected so easily and gets undiagnosed. Therefore, it is always preferable to get a diabetes test done just to be sure. Getting your diabetic profile tested is not a big deal anymore as every sugar profile test facility is available for a very reasonable price these days.

Scientists are still working on the exact cause of diabetes occurrence but have not yet been able to pinpoint on the accurate causes. However, some of the assumed cause can be as follows:
1. Family History or genes
2. Overweight or obesity and physical inactiveness
3. Environmental or geographical factors
4. Insulin resistance
5. Presence of damaging auto antibodies
6. Gestational diabetes
7. Dietary Factors
8. Age

Even though you have been detected with diabetes, there are several ways to control and combat diabetic by making healthy lifestyle choices. Here we provide to you 10 useful lifestyle tips to avoid diabetes related complications:

1. Keep yourself fit and avoid gaining weight – Regular exercise and maintenance of a strict diet can help you avoid diabetic complications. Yoga and breathing exercises can also help you maintain a fit and healthy life. Cut out the calories from your diet.Indulge in cardio vascular exercises like dancing, cycling, running, pace-walking, etc.

2. Control and Manage the Intake of Carbs- Keep a track of the amount of carbs you intake and maintain a strict diet plan with incorporation of high-fibre carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits, green vegetables, beans, etc.

3. An 8-hour Must Sleep- Getting enough sleep is the key to maintaining your blood sugar levels from shooting up. Not getting good sleep can lead to food cravings, which can in turn hamper your diet, and increase the risk of weight gain leading to other complications. To avoid such tendencies, make sure you get a good 8 hours of sleep regularly to keep yourself energetic.

4. Keep a Check on your Blood Sugar Levels Regularly- Monitoring your blood sugar levels atleast twice a day is a necessity in order to keep a track of how well you are doing. Any fluctuations might be a sign of not maintaining a good diet or some other issues. Many diabetes health packages help you to not only keep a track on your blood sugar levels but also maintain a food and diet chart for you.

5. Lose any Extra Pounds- If you realize that you have gained weight or are already overweight then it is time to completely get rid off those extra tyres. Chalk out a fixed diet and get yourself into a daily fitness routine in order to shed those extra pounds.

6. Avoid and manage stress- Stress can be a great big cause for increase in your blood sugar levels. So, try out meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and other alternatives to keep your mind calm, composed, relaxed and away from any kind of stress and anxiety.

7. Get a control on your blood pressure – Make sure that your blood pressure levels,cholesterol and triglycerides are under control as a great risk of Type 2 diabetes can be heart diseases and high blood pressure levels can be an added complication to this.

8. Reduce Intake of Salt- Avoiding salt in your food as much as possible and using spices and herbs instead can get a great control over your diabetes. For most aged people, sodium intake should be reduced to a very minimum level and you can also consult your doctor about the exact amount that should be taken.

9. Taking Care of any Bruise or Cut- Since diabetes can lead to a lower system of immunity and making you vulnerable to the risk of infection and slow healing, it is best to properly clean and tend to any kind of injury or wound. For bigger cuts and bruises, you should definitely consult a doctor to avoid any kind of risk.

10. Stop the Tobacco – Smoking is not only harmful in general but smoking for diabetic patients can be a very big cause of strokes and heart attacks, kidney diseases, nerve damages, etc. So, say no to smoking and quit it completely.

Other than the above-mentioned points, regular doctor visits are a must in order to keep a check on your health, especially if you have diabetes. To get more info on the same, get your diabetes checkup package now from any reliable healthcare point like Thyrocare as they are now selling thyrocare diabetes packages for a very reasonable price. Thyrocare has already introduced so many beneficial Thyrocare packages such as Aarogyam 12 or Aarogyam 1.4. Attractive Thyrocare offers are just a wise step away from you.